CAD drawings, production and installation services

Your safety project prepared to perfection

Our highly qualified employees work every day to figure out the most appropriate safety solution for you. First using CAD drawings, they work out a detailed plan of the zones, the machines or parts to be protected. An accurate price quotation for your safety project then follows. After your agreement, we will launch the production of the modular pieces and elements.

Followed by, expert installation of your safety project

Boplan has its own team of professional installers who will install your complete safety project on site and subsequently maintain it, as and when needed.

You have understood correctly. At Boplan, you can count on a thorough preparation, the proper monitoring and focused management of your safety project. This way, you can always enjoy the safest and most efficient collision protection, fall protection or anti-slip solution, completely tailored to your needs and requirements.

Maintenance, service contract or lease

a Maintenance contract to extend the period of your investment

All our safety products are used in very demanding environments such as warehouses where heavy forklift trucks manoeuvre, offshore platforms affected by salty air, petrochemical sites exposed to reactive chemicals, etc. The important thing is that they never fail and continue to perform at all times. In order to ensure optimum operation of safety systems and to prolong their service life, we recommend regular service and maintenance. For this, you can rely on our professional maintenance service, who can give you a maintenance contract proposal adapted to your specific situation.

Buy or lease your safety systems? Whichever you prefer

If it fiscally benefits your company, you can rent or lease the safety systems instead of buying them. After all, we do have the right safety solution for every situation.

Warranty & maintenance contract

High standards of quality and 24-month warranty

Our customers place high demands on the BOPLAN® safety products that they buy from us, and we have set the bar very high for ourselves as well. That is why we run a range of tests and checks during the entire production process. That way we are sure that all of your safety products will leave the factory in perfect condition. Our strict policy on quality will allow us to guarantee your systems for crash protection for at least 24 months from the purchase date for any acknowledged manufacturing defects. Our warranty conditions are easily available; just ask.

Additional maintenance contract

If you would like to extend this warranty term, then we invite you to arrange a maintenance contract.
However, we will keep investing both now and in future, continuing to improve all our safety products so we can keep on guaranteeing you the best security.

For more information about our maintenance contract, we refer you to our sales team.