Forklift crash - FLEX IMPACT polymer material Collision Avoidance System

Modular safety barrier made of elastic polymer


FLEXIMPACT® is a widely used modular safety barrier system designed to create a safe working environment in an economical and reliable manner. If you take safety into your workspace, you will need to do your best to ensure the best protection for people, machines, property, buildings and infrastructure. Collisions are a major risk factor for workplace accidents, resulting in loss of personnel and/or material. Suspending a temporary failure and suspending the machine after recovery can result in a multiplication of losses and unnecessary costs. Physical injuries not only mean a long period of rest, but often also cause employee injuries. As a security solution provider, this is the problem we want to solve.

FLEX IMPACT is a cost-effective investment

The FLEXIMPACT® Safety Barrier System is specially designed from flexible, high molecular polymers with high impact, flexibility and impact resistance. All of our safety anti-collision systems have been thoroughly tested over time to meet the most stringent safety standards. In any type of impact caused by a collision, the material simply bends and then returns to its original shape again. What's unique is that our security systems completely retain their appearance and their basic attributes after the fact.

In addition, FLEXIMPACT® has a modular construction that allows each component to be installed separately. Each element can also be replaced separately if necessary. This approach allows us to provide cost-effective and durable safety products that cannot be underestimated.

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