At warehouses where work is taking place at heights or platforms, it is strongly recommended to use fall protection. The application of fall protection is not a complex matter. There are simple interventions for this.

Within almost every industrial building there is a location where the chance of a fall is real. This ranges from cage ladders to fire ladders , or to workshops on different platforms or scaffolding . Once a load is moved or an object within the business premises of different heights, there is a risk of falling to both individuals and pallets and goods .

An unfortunate fall can have serious and lasting consequences for the victim. You can avoid this type of work accident by providing fall protection . The installation of fall protection is a piece of cake and offers sufficient protection against potential fall accidents. The investment costs are relatively low, and these plastic safety gateslast a very long time.

Boplan offers two types of fall protection for inside and around industrial buildings: the HD Mezza safety gates and the Double Axes safety gate .

The HD Mezza consists of safety gates with a handrail and is perfect for higher places where people are located. This includes deepening, work platforms and mezzanines.

There is also a version with a sturdy skirting board attached to the bottom of the gate: the TD Mezza . This solution offers extra security against people slipping underneath and rolling or sliding objects downwards.

The Double Axes safety gate has two horizontal and vertical plastic arms. Moreover, this type of fall protection offers room for additional warnings that you can attach to the gate itself by means of a signage holder.

Because the security gates are made from polyurethane (PU), they last a very long time. The spring in the self-closing mechanism of the Double Axes Gate is also made of stainless steel and has been tested to last 100,000 cycles. You can adjust the closing force of this safety application to your own liking . Suppose that the gate is somewhere outside, you can avoid it so that it can flap endlessly in the wind.

The plastic safety gate is designed to collect up to 100 kg, after which it bends back to its original shape without problems - something that is not the case with steel variants.

These safety gates are easy to install on walls, building structures, ladders, racks and special constructions . The fall protection is provided as standard so that it can be fitted to any straight or corner element. Does your construction use round profiles? No problem, Boplan offers extra adapters that connect perfectly to this!

Do you wish to protect your working environment against fall accidents with serious physical or material damage? Then contact our team and ask for advice about our safety applications without obligation!


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