The danger is in a small corner in every warehouse or production area. The entire complex may be completely equipped with collision protection, then an employee may slip on a staircase or lose balance on a higher platform. The efficient use of safety gates and anti-slip solutions can significantly reduce the risk.

Slipping or falling accidents are often due to dirty or poorly maintained surfaces, or vice versa: to newly polished floors. A first measure to avoid these accidents is to ensure that the workspace is as clean as possible , yet as far as the business activity permits. In this way, avoid objects lying around, cables and tools on the walking surfaces, damage to the floor, dusty or liquid substances on the floor, and the like. Order and tidiness is already a first step towards a safe working environment.

However, this is not evident in some storage and production areas. Certainly in factories where dry or wet substances are used, it is not easy to keep the floor spotless. Falling and sliding accidents do not, however, belong exclusively to industries where dust and other materials end up on the shop floor. There is a risk of such an accident in every company. Falling or slipping usually starts due to the employee's carelessness . In addition to the environmental factors, stress, haste, fatigue are the main triggers of this type of accident.

Prescribing non-slip footwear on the work floor can help, but unless the company offers it, this is difficult to control. For this reason it is recommended to provide the environment with the necessary precautions.

Avoid falls

Falls can occur in various places. An employee can stumble over an object on the ground, tumble from an intermediate platform or lose balance on a walkway .

In each of these cases, plastic safety gates can prevent serious injury or worse. These protection gates are light and flexible and can easily be used for a variety of purposes. This allows you to completely enclose certain platforms or bridges, in combination with one or more security gates with which employees can enter or leave the zone.

Suppose that people actually work at higher altitudes, then it is advisable to provide the necessary fall protectionIn these cases you install these robust safety gates in higher working platforms and cage ladders .

Prevent slipping

Slides occur in areas where there is dust or moisture on the ground. Both dry matter such as cement dust, sawdust or sand; as liquid substances such as lubricating oil, water or polishes, they can dry up for the risk of skidding. However, a slippery surface is not a condition for causing an accident. A small scattering or running under time pressure can also cause someone to slip.

Anti-slip solutions minimize the risk of sliding accidents. This type of safety product exists in three variants:


These are preformed surfaces that are covered with high-quality aluminum oxide in combination with resin components. The Xtra Grip anti-slip steps can be applied perfectly to stairs, thus minimizing the risk of slipping.


You can cover larger areas with the Xtra Grip plates. The food industry in particular makes eager use of this solution. Not only do anti-slip plates minimize the sliding risk in, for example, moist conditions, this also appears to be the most hygienic solution in food companies.


The Xtra Grip anti-slip profiles are available for customized applications . These profiles can be applied in all conceivable places.

Does your company take all possible measures to prevent falls and slips? Get advice from our team of specialists, and make your company a safe environment!

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